I Don't Buy it! ☛ Did Foreigners Cause America's Financial Crisis? - TIME

A number of economists and policy analysts believe Caballero makes a lot of sense. Alex Pollock of the American Enterprise Institute says it's clear the foreign investors who bought the bonds of mortgage guarantors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac served to fuel the housing bubble. Ohio State University professor René Stulz, who has studied the financial crisis, says Caballero has hit on a critical contributor. Says Stulz, "Investors looking for safe investments in the U.S. created a demand for new products that caused our financial system to work differently from how it had worked in the past and to become more fragile in ways that were not well understood at the time.

Just because there was "demand" in the market for "new product" doesn't absolve the creators of products where the risks are not clearly and accurately understood or communicated to the buyers... Make sure you read the full article.