(via @dhh) on FLOSS "Screw 'Release early, release often'..."

It's always great to listen to someone with big opinions and an ego to match... David seems like a hell of a smart guy and has created something incredibly compelling with Ruby on Rails.
(via @dhh) on FLOSS "Screw 'Release early, release often'... I'm going to polish the hell out of this thing! I'm going to write the documentation.  I'm going to build up some marketing intensity around it.  I'm going to do all these things that open source projects  do not..."
This episode of FLOSS  (FLOSS WEEKLY 79: David heinemeier Hansson(link below) is a must listen and if you have the chance you should catch David Henemeier Hansson when he speaks at any conference.  I caught him at a local conference in NYC and he was very informative and entertaing. 
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