"We are coming to the end of the information age." ☛ It's Sputnik, Stupid! - Forbes.com

Based on an 80-year economic cycle, we are coming to the end of the information age. The remaining 15 years of the current cycle will produce astounding changes far beyond anything we can now anticipate. However, we should also be looking at what technology will become the basis of next 80-year cycle. Continuing to focus on computers will be like producing buggy whips for horse drawn conveyances when Henry Ford started mass producing the Model T.

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So if we accept the premise of the article, what trends will dominate?

My opinion: The aging population and biotech/genetics revolution are the next dominant forces.

At the same time, do we need to aim for self-sufficiency and "energy resilience" as a goal? Are some industries so strategic that we need to steer students, business capital, and government investment toward them?

That means bringing back machine tools, basic manufacturing, encouraging STEM education, and
Instead of a vague "community service" requirement for high school graduation, should it be an apprentice/mentoring program at manufacturing, IT, and biotech firms.