Fast Company: Why did COVID-19 hospital death rates drop? ...

What changed? Everything:

  • Recent patients are younger (averaging age 47 versus 63). 
  • Patients arrive at the hospital in better shape, with less-severe symptoms. 
  • Medical staff are now well-versed in best practices, such as resting patients on their stomachs and avoiding ventilators for as long as possible. 
  • Physicians have a small arsenal of pharmaceutical treatments. 
  • Hospitals are less crowded.

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Array programming with NumPy | Nature | 9/16/2020

Modern write up of the library at the heart of it all.  Definitely reading this...

Now, 15 years later, NumPy underpins almost every Python library that does scientific or numerical computation8,9,10,11, including SciPy12, Matplotlib13, pandas14, scikit-learn15and scikit-image16. NumPy is a community-developed, open-source library, which provides a multidimensional Python array object along with array-aware functions that operate on it. Because of its inherent simplicity, the NumPy array is the de facto exchange format for array data in Python.