VMware to Acquire SpringSource for approx $420 Million

"VMware will acquire SpringSource for approximately $362 million in cash and equity plus the assumption of approximately $58 million of unvested stock and options. The acquisition has been approved by SpringSource's stockholders and is expected to close in the third quarter of 2009, subject to customary closing conditions."

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via @techcruch "There’s a large uproar right now following Tr.im’s demise on whether or not anyone should actually be using URL-shorteners just in case something like this happens."

There’s a large uproar right now following Tr.im’s demise on whether or not anyone should actually be using URL-shorteners just in case something like this happens. [...snip...] But an archive of these links that is maintained outside any one service could help put people’s minds at ease.

Yes, I was a tr.im user. It was a great service and now they're holding my links hostage because they could not figure out how to monetize the service. Hopefully a company like bit.ly will step up and pony up enough ransom to free them. Aaahhh perhaps that is the URL shortener industry's new monetization approach. Get competitors to buy you out if your shutdown threatens credibility of the entire sector...

Facebook Acquires FriendFeed (only 12 Employees!)

FriendFeed is based in Mountain View, Calif. and has 12 employees.

The most interesting point, for me, is that FriendFeed has only 12 employees! I know I shouldn't be supprised in this new age of small startups that stay small, but the site just oozed polish, features and performance. I expected them to at least break 40 employees. Kudo's to those guys and I hope they got some good cash in the deal.

Ramen Profitable - [Loving the noodle reference...]

"Ramen profitability is the other extreme: a startup that becomes profitable after 2 months, even though its revenues are only $3000 a month, because the only employees are a couple 25 year old founders who can live on practically nothing. Revenues of $3000 a month do not mean the company has succeeded. But it does share something with the one that's profitable in the traditional way: they don't need to raise money to survive."

Paul Graham is always a good read.... Check out the full blog post.

(via @dhh) on FLOSS "Screw 'Release early, release often'..."

It's always great to listen to someone with big opinions and an ego to match... David seems like a hell of a smart guy and has created something incredibly compelling with Ruby on Rails.
(via @dhh) on FLOSS "Screw 'Release early, release often'... I'm going to polish the hell out of this thing! I'm going to write the documentation.  I'm going to build up some marketing intensity around it.  I'm going to do all these things that open source projects  do not..."
This episode of FLOSS  (FLOSS WEEKLY 79: David heinemeier Hansson(link below) is a must listen and if you have the chance you should catch David Henemeier Hansson when he speaks at any conference.  I caught him at a local conference in NYC and he was very informative and entertaing. 
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Slow IT: Do less with less - InfoWorld

In a world of junk food and harried families, we saw the rise of the fast-food nation and the high price paid for its convenience. From that frustration was born the Slow Food movement, which promotes a healthy relationship with food. The Slow IT movement applauds that sentiment and seeks to apply it to technology management.

Interesting, funny and again interesting...