Ramen Profitable - [Loving the noodle reference...]

"Ramen profitability is the other extreme: a startup that becomes profitable after 2 months, even though its revenues are only $3000 a month, because the only employees are a couple 25 year old founders who can live on practically nothing. Revenues of $3000 a month do not mean the company has succeeded. But it does share something with the one that's profitable in the traditional way: they don't need to raise money to survive."

Paul Graham is always a good read.... Check out the full blog post.

(via @dhh) on FLOSS "Screw 'Release early, release often'..."

It's always great to listen to someone with big opinions and an ego to match... David seems like a hell of a smart guy and has created something incredibly compelling with Ruby on Rails.
(via @dhh) on FLOSS "Screw 'Release early, release often'... I'm going to polish the hell out of this thing! I'm going to write the documentation.  I'm going to build up some marketing intensity around it.  I'm going to do all these things that open source projects  do not..."
This episode of FLOSS  (FLOSS WEEKLY 79: David heinemeier Hansson(link below) is a must listen and if you have the chance you should catch David Henemeier Hansson when he speaks at any conference.  I caught him at a local conference in NYC and he was very informative and entertaing. 
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Slow IT: Do less with less - InfoWorld

In a world of junk food and harried families, we saw the rise of the fast-food nation and the high price paid for its convenience. From that frustration was born the Slow Food movement, which promotes a healthy relationship with food. The Slow IT movement applauds that sentiment and seeks to apply it to technology management.

Interesting, funny and again interesting...

Oracle-Sun Creating Churn - Forbes.com

In my experience Sun has been a leader in providing outstanding value in the Unix Server market with a combination of quality hardware and the Solaris OS... But they've always been seen as a more leading edge provider and therefore were pulled along in the wake of aggressive businesses like financial services.

I know... I remember back in the late 80's on Wall Street and the 90's in the web start up community, we couldn't buy the boxes fast enough. When those industries took a hit, Sun was pulled down with them like a swimmer wrapped in a boat anchor.

"...more important, the hardware represents a buy-in by customers that doesn't exist in the commodity world; you don't change vendors in the high-end Unix server world because another vendor is offering a better promotion..."

Conservative customers perceive blood in the water and are voting with their dollars for the second tier Unix Server producers like IBM and HP. Too bad... Sun has given so much back in the form of quality software in the market. James Gosling has only half joked in the past that "Sun issues Hardware as a receipt for software"

This Forbes brief also highlights the severity of the matter

The Chubb Corporation Q2 2009 Earnings Call Transcript -- Seeking Alpha

"Chubb turned into an outstanding quarter in every respect, despite the recessionary conditions in the US and around the world. We had terrific underwriting results and our investment portfolio performed extremely well...

...CCI’s performance in a difficult economic environment is a tribute, we think, to the franchise value of our brand, which is holding up nicely in a competitive market...

...The real story in CCI is its determined and consistent drive to secure rate increases as reflected in its overall 2.0 US renewal rate increase which improved a point over the first quarter and continued a trend of improving rates in each of the last four quarters..."


"JavaScript is a poorly thought out language considering it's influences were Scheme and Smalltalk."-Gilad Bracha

"...it got lucky. It's in a crucial place. It simply fell into the right place in the universe. It's very important and we are relatively lucky because a lot worse could have happened! JavaScript is a wonderful assembly language in my view.

 My view is that people should not be programming the web directly in JavaScript, they should program it in whatever they want. They should compile it down and the browser is evolving into the operating system and as it evolves it becomes more and more adequate as a target...

 ...I really don't want to see a world where people are forced to always program in the one true language... Right? I worked for a compay that tried to force that down the world's throat..."-Gilad Bracha

Great podcast. You should give it listen..  Quoted from the, oh so Teutonic, software engineering radio podcast (link below)...
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