The last remnants of my days equity has finally gave up the ghost...

The last spinoff from my days at the now defunct incubator, 12 Entrepreneuring, will be shutting down soon. Over the years I've received shareholder notices, typically when looking to restructure stock for new investors. But today I've just received the dead fish wrapped in the paper of the "NOTICE AND REQUEST FOR WRITTEN CONSENT" sent to the stockholders. Even though I never expected to make any money from what little equity I may have had, the letter was very clear: "...under any reasonable scenario, no amounts will be available for distribution to the Company's Stockholders..."

Here is a little time capsule from

Another grave is being dug in the cemetery of Internet incubators, this one for San Francisco's 12 Entrepreneuring.

12 Entrepreneuring was launched at the height of the tech bubble by two marquee dot-com entrepreneurs, Cnet founder Halsey Minor and Eric Greenberg, who started Web consulting firms Scient and Viant.

The duo raised a total of $130 million and at one point valued their company, which was designed to finance startups, at $750 million. Last week, under investor pressure, Minor told employees that 12 Entrepreneuring would shut its doors after funding only three startups, one of which has already failed.

"Adobe’s management seemed unable to just let go. MBAs often call this “escalation of commitment”

Adobe has never been a platform company, yet it felt a need to power forward with Flash. I’m sure that early on there was a serious vision of dominating content delivery over the web, but sometime after 2005 — just as HTML5 technologies were emerging, and ironically right around the time of the Macromedia acquisition — it became a burden. Between the money it paid and the money it had since spent, Adobe’s management seemed unable to just let go. MBAs often call this “escalation of commitment”. It’s now 2011, and only the delusional can pretend that things haven’t changed. After today, everyone at Adobe can exhale and right the ship.

I agree "the evidence is mounting that users of Siri are consistently bypassing Google."

In a small study at The Arora Report , the evidence is mounting that users of Siri are consistently bypassing Google. If the results from the small study are extrapolated, in due course as Siri becomes widely available, it will change people's habits. The new habit will be using voice to find exactly what one wants without having to comb through a large number of results, some of which may not be relevant. Further, the display space on mobile devices is limited. Who needs the distraction of side advertisements like those from Google on the small screen?

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Eric Schmidt on Steve Jobs - BusinessWeek

Steve and I were talking about children one time, and he said the problem with children is that they carry your heart with them. The exact phrase was, “It’s your heart running around outside your body.” That’s a Steve Jobs quote. He had a level of perception about feelings and emotions that was far beyond anything I’ve met in my entire life. His legacy will last for many years, through people he’s trained and people he’s influenced. But what death means is you can’t call—you can’t call him. It’s a loss. I’ll miss talking to him.

— As told to Jim Aley and Brad Wieners